Monthly Archives: February 2011


Hello. My name is Skaie (sky) and this is my very first post on “SkaieBird Sings”, an on-going digital journal of my songwriting and the mental “pulling-my-hair-out” process to getting something real out of my head, on to the computer and into a song. Sighhh…breathe. I PROMISE to keep these entries SHORT and SA-WEET, and hopefully interesting. I’ll post all kinds of crap that inspire me and fun stuff that makes me giggle…damn, I love to giggle and LAUGH!

These are a couple photos of my inspiration board (thank you, Oprah!), and on it,  is a new quote (“Say yes, and you’ll figure it out afterward),”by the hilarious heroine Tina Fey in an article titled “Tina Fey’s Aha! Moment” sent to me by my wonderful cousin Heide (thanks HO!). By the way…that’s me and Matty sliding down the mountain of money. Cha-ching!



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