Fail Big!

My cousin Heide has been sending me homework assignments in preparation for “The X Factor” audition (Sunday, March 27th). This week was titled “Fail Big!” Immediately, it calmed me down as I’ve been stress’n about the whole process. The best part of the email for me was this:

Ultimately if you fail, you still really succeed because big failures usually result in something equally interesting and often reveal something you weren’t expecting.  Besides, it’s always interesting to see the result of going all out, regardless of the final outcome.

I have already met and connected with some amazing people, stirred up some  old personal “muck” (which has lead to some great healing), and faced fear. Pretty cool way to fail big!!!

Sooo…I hold my arms out wide and continue to flyyyyyyyyyyyyy!





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I write songs cuz I love to see what is possible when the stuff in my head & heart meets the keyboard of a computer, the strings of a guitar, the ears of anyone near enough to listen. This is my thang...I love, love, love to write, even though it drives me to the brink of insanity...ah...such a non-boring place to be. View all posts by skaiebirdsings

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