Lyric Writing…it’s a balancing act

Today, I thought I’d share this writing exercise I did recently: To write from your gut instinct…no thinking. Then identify what words you chose to use as INTERNAL (describing thoughts or ideas) or EXTERNAL (describing how someone/thing looks, sounds, tastes, feels to the touch, or any action):

Idea boost: Who: Barmaid; When: the morning; Where: driving to work

A sheet of frost on all my windows blocks my vision making it impossible to pull out from my driveway.  The unforgiving cold is incredibly bold; movement and comfort mean nothing to itExhaust overcomes any remnant of my perfume and takes yet another hint of beauty from my day.  There are no flowers, no green, and color is but a crushed memory where dirty snow now livesThe stickiness of my vinyl steering wheel reminds me of the barstools I’ll be serving tonight.  The music circa 1989 mixed with second-hand smoke takes me back to my gigging days.

The PURPOSE of this exercise? To create a balance between INTERNAL and EXTERNAL lyrics. Vwala!

Artwork by fantastically talented artist/illustrator Dave Catrow.



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I write songs cuz I love to see what is possible when the stuff in my head & heart meets the keyboard of a computer, the strings of a guitar, the ears of anyone near enough to listen. This is my thang...I love, love, love to write, even though it drives me to the brink of insanity...ah...such a non-boring place to be. View all posts by skaiebirdsings

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