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Inspiration is for amateurs.

Blog blurb pinned to my inspriation board. A real kick in the pants.

I can’t quite remember where I found this blog blurb…but, I do know Chuck Close wrote it. It’s a perfect kick-myself-in-the-butt-and-just-get-writing type of quote (can you find the pun?!). Yesterday, I heard an interview with Rod Stewart who was recently honored by ASCAP (songwriting association) and said he never considered himself a songwriter, “They usually had to drag and lock me into a room to bang out a song.” A similar statement was said by Neil Diamond…I guess that means I’m in good company.



“Trust” Featured in Good Cause Video

I was recently asked to have a song I wrote called “Trust” (produced by Juno composer Mateo “Matt” Messina) featured on a video for the Pacifica Malaria Campaign to help raise funds to provide mosquito nets for the people of Africa. I hold a special place in my heart for this region of the world, and know intimately how devastating mosquitos are and how a simple net can save so many lives. I spent about a month traveling through Western Africa some years ago and instantly felt a love for the land, the animals, and the ancient beauty of this country.

Watch and listen and, if possible, help in any way you can.


Chain Smoker

Here’s something I “brainstormed” today. I’ve been getting up into my head so much, (that’s why I didn’t blog last week…was a bit overwhelmed and recovering from the auditions), so I decided to open the cage door and write for writing’s sake, with no particular format or formula. Below is a video and the lyrics of the FIRST run-through of a song I call “Chain Smoker“-again, this is a BRAND NEW tune, so, it’s got a ways to go.

You’ll notice, to help inspire and explore other ways of thinking, I have a few “key words” along with the 6 senses at the top of the page. Did I use all 6? BTW-it’s prolly a good idea to read along while you listen…

chain smoker, running through the airport, early morning


Chain Smoker

Written by Skaie Knox

Don’t care much ‘bout what the weather man says,
The sun will shine or not, and nothing’s gonna change that,
Ah, damn, the wall clock’s off again,
Battery’s low, and now my car door, well it won’t open…

With a jerk and tug I slide on in,
Shove the shifter into drive, I got a funny feel’n,
Traffic lights help me make up time,
Hurry now to wait in line.

My gate,
I’m choking,
No smoking,
Four hours in the air,
Jones’n pull’n out my hair
Insane attack,
I panic,
Eyes all pasting over,
Tongue fuzzier than ever
Bang, bang,
We fall,
Light up,
Shut up,
It doesn’t matter any more.

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