“Trust” Featured in Good Cause Video

I was recently asked to have a song I wrote called “Trust” (produced by Juno composer Mateo “Matt” Messina) featured on a video for the Pacifica Malaria Campaign to help raise funds to provide mosquito nets for the people of Africa. I hold a special place in my heart for this region of the world, and know intimately how devastating mosquitos are and how a simple net can save so many lives. I spent about a month traveling through Western Africa some years ago and instantly felt a love for the land, the animals, and the ancient beauty of this country.

Watch and listen and, if possible, help in any way you can.



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I write songs cuz I love to see what is possible when the stuff in my head & heart meets the keyboard of a computer, the strings of a guitar, the ears of anyone near enough to listen. This is my thang...I love, love, love to write, even though it drives me to the brink of insanity...ah...such a non-boring place to be. View all posts by skaiebirdsings

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