Writing Room Re-Designed!

Okay, so, I’ve been absent for about a month or so…between the redesign of my writing room, summer “vacay” to Vegas (baby!), and subsequently catching some kind of weird, clingy, won’t-go-away stomach virus (note to self: from now on, bring anti-bacterial hand gel to overcrowded locations of interest!)…needless to say with all this going on, I’ve been a bit MIA. No longer, my friends! I’m back and thought I’d jump right in and show you my new dream digs…love, love, love it! More music to come!

Check out the full “Before and After” & photos on my design blog at DiggersList.



About skaiebirdsings

I write songs cuz I love to see what is possible when the stuff in my head & heart meets the keyboard of a computer, the strings of a guitar, the ears of anyone near enough to listen. This is my thang...I love, love, love to write, even though it drives me to the brink of insanity...ah...such a non-boring place to be. View all posts by skaiebirdsings

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