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I looked a Gifted Horse In the Mouth…


My brother-in-law Johnnie is a hipster. I just had to put that in writing and on record, cuz…I just like to rib him about that kind of thing. Mostly, I am in awe of his “old-soul” wisdom, his kind-calmness, intelligence, and most of all…his crazy creative genius. I’m actually always telling him he’s a genius…yeah, he is.

So…part of his “CG” are the words he strings together like a “poet-and-hopeless-romantic-meets-dark-wannabe-stuck-inside-the-mind-of-a-nerd” (hence, the title: hipster). He certainly writes from a very “straight-guy” perspective, and then, also from an “ease of being” place…a place where he can quietly observe the world in confidence and wonder, then translate his interpretation of his world through music and lyrics that often take a dark spin and passionate tumble, all at the same time. It’s quite intriguing and I’m so freaking proud. I’d like to write with him one day, but I’ll keep that on the q.t. for now. Here…just check out these words…

Gift Horse In the Mouth

Dead Western Plains

like a man, i love
like a child, i need
like a rabbit, i’m prey to the wolves that i feed
but, like the me that you gave your unconditionality –
i need, because i love, and not love because i need.

when she left, she took the conditions (ha!) and left the unconditional
(which i still feel, with all my naivety)
and i’ve gathered my sins for a makeshift confessional,
just to yell all my sins back at god

but when the scents that she left in the creases of my sheets slip out as i bundle up,
remember why i keep up hope

did you love her as she leaned into the wind?
did you love her as she dangled from the edge?

i’m just not ready dear,
so put away your machete, dear,
and let’s call it a day to forget.

Yup. A gifted horse in the mouth I have looked at…mostly through ichat. Oh, btw-that was me, Skaie…hee, why!?!. Damn it, I can’t stop rhyming! I guess it’s just my timing.

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Chain Smoker-Part 2…the saga continues!

So, it’s been a few weeks of living with Chain Smoker…I think I realized something in the process of writing this song. I really like having lyrics first, then developing the music around it. It doesn’t always work out that way, but, I’m finding, as in country music, lyrics are VITAL! And when you have a great foundation of lyrics, the music can really live and breath and reflect what the story is telling.

The video below is where I am now with this song. It’s certainly not a typical ABABCB structured song, but…I don’t give a crap at this point…just wanna get some shit down!!! Next: record the song with additional instruments…and MAAAAAAYBE, I’ll write something that looks and sounds like a chorus. Exhhhhhhhhaaaaaaale…


Fail Big!

My cousin Heide has been sending me homework assignments in preparation for “The X Factor” audition (Sunday, March 27th). This week was titled “Fail Big!” Immediately, it calmed me down as I’ve been stress’n about the whole process. The best part of the email for me was this:

Ultimately if you fail, you still really succeed because big failures usually result in something equally interesting and often reveal something you weren’t expecting.  Besides, it’s always interesting to see the result of going all out, regardless of the final outcome.

I have already met and connected with some amazing people, stirred up some  old personal “muck” (which has lead to some great healing), and faced fear. Pretty cool way to fail big!!!

Sooo…I hold my arms out wide and continue to flyyyyyyyyyyyyy!




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