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Cardboard Love.

Weiner. What a wiener. Why do I need to know about this guy? In fact, whenever I turn on the news…ugh. I would have to say that 90% of what I see is completely USELESS to me. Oprah! Come baaaaaaaaaaaack!

Well, I suppose 25 years of motherly nurturing have lead us to this jumping off point, like baby birds readying themselves for that first flight out of the nest. I have hope, though. An example? Cardboardlove.com…it’s a site that is simple, (ah…simple), and lovingly sweet…(yum!). Take a look these cardboard love messages recently posted (I’ll be back with more music crap soon-been remodeling my writing room…whoohoo!). The site’s creator was motivated by self-negativity and the need for a daily dose of goodness and positivity. Bravo! Oprah would be proud.



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