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Crap, I’m Awesome.

I’ve been hiding under a rock. Well, pop-rock that is. Writing, studying, and not quite ready to share any new lyrics or music quite yet…been in bit of a creation hibernation state. Meanwhile, my passion for everything vintage design has been growing. I’m so excited, I found THE chandelier today at a place called Hom (imagine a line over the letter “o” indicating the “oh” sound). Anyhow…you’ll be able to see it in an upcoming DiggersList blog of mine. To hold you over, I thought you’d enjoy this cool-vintage sitting area featuring a pillow with one of those kinds of sayings I wish I had the awesome, creative genius to think up myself. Off to pick back up my gui-tar!

Room design, chair how-to and photo: Mandi via vintagerevivals.blogspot.com



Writing Room Re-Designed!

Okay, so, I’ve been absent for about a month or so…between the redesign of my writing room, summer “vacay” to Vegas (baby!), and subsequently catching some kind of weird, clingy, won’t-go-away stomach virus (note to self: from now on, bring anti-bacterial hand gel to overcrowded locations of interest!)…needless to say with all this going on, I’ve been a bit MIA. No longer, my friends! I’m back and thought I’d jump right in and show you my new dream digs…love, love, love it! More music to come!

Check out the full “Before and After” & photos on my design blog at DiggersList.


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